Advertising Rates



Deadline for Advertising is the 5th of Each Month Prior to the issue you want to advertise in.
(ie. Art turned in October 5th will appear in the October 15th issue)

Display Ads

Add Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
Full Page Color
7.625 x 10.0
$650 $600 $550  
85 Line Screen for b/w ads
  • Customer Supplied Art We accept the following file formats: JPG, PDF, TIFF, EPS & PSD.  All camera ready art should be at 300 dpi.  For questions regarding file type or file size, please contact the Ad Department.
  • Free Ad Production Our art department will produce ads at no charge. This does not include special imaging. Taking out backgrounds or special backgrounds are priced per job.
  • Payment All ads must be paid for in advance, for the first month of advertising and then additional ads may be billed with a 30 day net. All 90 day invoices will have a $25 late charge each month and 18% finance charges. All returned checks will be charged a $25 fee.
  • Ad Copy Wording for ads should be typed or printed neatly. Photos should be professional quality. Each photo should be labeled with name & address. Advertisers must include a S.A.S.E. for a fast return.
  • Contracts Contracts are required for all 6-time or more frequency discounts. Ad size may be varied at any time and discount still applies.
  • Special Placement
    Front cover, back cover, center spread and other premium positions are available on a first come, first serve basis. Front Cover includes Page 6, b/w FREE for story.
  • Proofs Your are responsible for the proofing of your ad. Make sure you supply us with a fax number.

Ad Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
Jr Page Color
5.25 x 7.45
$550 $500 $450  
Ad Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
Half Page V Color
3.75 x 10.0
$399 $345 $299  
Ad Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
Half Page H Color
7.625 x 4.875
$399 $345 $299  
Ad Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
1/3 Page Color
2.375 x 10.0
$325 $275 $225  
Ad Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
1/4 Page Color
3.65 x 4.875
$265 $215 $165  
Ad Size 1-3 X 6-11 X 12 X  
1/8 Page Color
3.65 x 2.125
$185 $135 $85  




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