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lifelineAn Incomparable Partner. Those who compete in equestrian sport have a cherished partner: the horse. These hardworking and talented athletes give of themselves with selflessness and honesty, trusting their caretakers to understand and meet their needs so they can do what they do best.


These magnificent partners deserve our very best effort on their behalf. With that as an ongoing goal, we are faced with making the right choice from the dizzying array of ‘nutritional supplements’ available on the market, all promising increased well-being.

In 2014, a newcomer entered that arena as LIFELINE Performance Supplements made its debut in the equine market. The first of its kind, LIFELINE is not a ‘nutritional’ supplement, but a- serum-based animal health supplement designed for the equine athlete, specifically targeting stress associated with training, traveling, and competing. While nutritional products provide value as a component of a complete and balanced diet, animal health supplements such as LIFELINE Performance Supplements support the maintenance of normal biological structure and function.

Entering the Arena
LIFELINE offers two products; LIFELINE Equine Elite™ targets the performance horse experiencing the rigors associated with being a top-level athlete, addressing joint, respiratory and gut health issues, and LIFELINE AgeWell™ is formulated for active, mature horses experiencing the effects of aging. Stress in its various forms can cause a horse’s immune system to spring into action unnecessarily, recruiting inflammatory cells to local tissue sites and resulting in inflammation that can be felt throughout the body.

Performance horses regularly encounter such stress from the demands of intense training regimens and tight travel and competition schedules, resulting in joint soreness, digestive problems such as ulcers, and breathing issues, or some combination thereof. LIFELINE doesn’t interfere with a horse’s natural immune response, but simply helps maintain a swift immune response, which in turn reduces inflammation.

History of BioThrive™, LIFELINE’s Active Ingredient
BioThrive™ is the trademarked name of LIFELINE’s serum-based active ingredient. BioThrive™ is derived from bovine plasma and is produced by APC, a third-generation family-owned company based in Iowa.

In the early 1980s APC developed a process for fractioning plasma, allowing specific proteins to be concentrated into serum. The serum is then spray-dried into a fine powder, preserving the bioactive proteins, which then can be combined with other ingredients to create products for animals. After 30 years and over 300 documented studies, APC’s products have improved the performance and health of animals around the globe. Today APC is the world’s largest producer of bioactive proteins used in animal applications.

First developed for use in the swine industry, serum-based products were verified by researchers at Iowa State University to help animals experiencing stress. Piglets become extremely stressed after weaning, which can lead to myriad health issues. The use of serum-based products in piglets helped in a profound and repeatable way, and these results have been borne out over 30 years of studies. APC realized they had a unique and effective solution for animals with stress challenges, which led them to develop products for other animals, most recently for the equine.

lifelineStressors, Strides and Soreness
Inflammation resulting from stress can affect the horse in three ways. It can show up in the joints as occasional soreness, in the lungs as breathing issues related to exercise, and in the gut as digestive issues, including ulcers. Usually effective within 14 days, LIFELINE Performance Supplements address all of these issues by promoting a swift and efficient anti-inflammatory response. Some inflammation is normal and necessary; LIFELINE works to keep inflammation under control so it won’t cause long-term problems for the horse.

For example we all know how it feels to have a bit of soreness in our legs, and how we compensate by shortening our stride. Researchers at Texas A&M University carried out a study to measure the effect of stress and the use of BioThrive™ on the length of the horse’s stride. Thirty Quarter horse geldings participated in the 28- day trial, and videos of them at the trot were analyzed. The data supported the conclusion that supplementation of BioThrive™ improved stride length and range of motion.

Everyone knows how a nagging digestive upset can put us off our game, and the same is true for horses. Stress can cause inflammation of the gut, creating permeability of the intestinal barrier, making way for harmful substances to pass through. A series of experiments were conducted studying the effects of serum-based proteins on intestinal inflammation.

The results show that these bioactive proteins promoted repair of the intestinal barrier membrane.

Testimonials from Horsemen
Chris Cox, one of the country’s most respected clinicians and host of RFD-TV’s Chris Cox Horsemanship, has experienced positive results with BioThrive™. “I have a horse that seems to stop eating and drinking when we travel,” Cox said. “After starting him on Equine Elite I was pleasantly surprised to see him stay on feed and water throughout our next trip. He handled the stress so much better.” “Within a few days, LIFELINE had changed my horse’s demeanor for the better,” claimed Les Vogt, 15-time World Champion known for training winning reining and reined cow horses. “I first used LIFELINE Equine Elite on a horse who had an intestinal upset and saw a change,” said Ron Emmons, Multiple World Champion winner. “When you try it on your first horse and see a positive change, it’s good. But when you try it on a second horse and see yet another positive benefit, the product proves itself.”

NASC Quality Control
The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) was formed in 2001 providing guidelines assuring quality and safety of animal supplements. Products awarded the NASC Quality Seal have passed a comprehensive facility audit, have strict quality-control guidelines in writing meeting NASC standards, and follow proper label guidelines including warnings and cautionary statements.

LIFELINE Performance Supplements bear the NASC Quality Seal, so as caretakers we can rest assured that the products meet label claims for active ingredients, and that our valuable partners are getting a product of the highest quality, produced in a first-class facility. The choice is simple – in and out of the arena, reduce stress for both you and especially for your equine partner with a proven product.

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