Ice Wraps


ice horseYour horse’s legs can heat to over 100° after exercise. Heat causes inflammation and swelling which in turn reduces blood flow and slows recovery time.


Veterinarians agree, cold therapy wraps are a proven treatment and a cost effective method to quickly reduce heat and swelling after exercise or injury.

Dr. Russ Peterson, President and CEO of Peninsula Equine agrees and adds “the success of cold therapy is greatly influenced by the willingness of both the horse and the handler to participate in a cold therapy program. A lot of horses will not stand in a bucket of water and depending on where you are, the water running from a hose is not always cold, so using ice wraps is easy and effective.”

Suspensory ligament injuries are one of the most commonly seen in athletic horses. Often these injuries are chronic and have a high probability of recurrence, which makes them a significant concern for horse owners. Horses that perform repetitive movements also seem to be at risk, such reining and cutting horses. There may also be a combined risk for young (two and three-year-old) horses performing repetitive movements. Foot balance likely plays a role in predisposing horses to suspensory injury.

Fortunately, the suspensory region is one of easiest areas to treat with ice wraps. Incorporating cold therapy into your horse’s care routine can help keep him sound and performing at his peak.

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