Texas Equine Hospital


texas equine hospitalAt Texas Equine Hospital, it is our goal to provide state-of-the-art medical and surgical services to the horse-owning public.


We believe that training and experience are the foundation from which state-of-the-art care is initiated. We also believe that a key component of providing expert care is effective and personal client communication. The veterinarian-client relationship is the cornerstone of business that allows the delivery of professional, caring, and personalized service. Texas Equine Hospital and its employees take pride in our dedication to delivering the highest standards in equine veterinary medicine. As Christians, there is nothing we like better than serving you by providing the best possible care for your horses. Our prayer is to be a blessing in each of your lives.

We offer all the services you need to ensure your horse is properly taken care of.

• Sports Medicine

• General Practice

• Surgery

• Dentistry

• Reproduction

• Ophthalmology

We strive to provide a full scenario of equine practice and expose interns to the wide variety of cases we see. This is a high volume, fast-paced, rigorous internship. We believe in mentoring our interns, push them to develop their skill set and give them opportunity to engage in all the facets of the practice.

Visit us online at: www.texasequinehospital.com

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