Greenwood Farm Horse Trials Unusually Perfect May Weather And Beautiful Riders


greenwood farm horse trialsFor their 20th Anniversary year, Greenwood Farm’s May 1st through 3rd Spring Horse Trials ran 228 horses in 18 divisions ranging from Beginner Novice through Intermediate, including two international divisions.


Greenwood’s location in Parker County Texas has developed Weatherford from the “cutting horse capital of the world” to include English the riding pursuits of world-wide acclaim.

Horse Trials, also known as Eventing, are a triathlon of dressage, show jumping, and cross-country jumping. Dressage is riding a predetermined pattern to display the development of each horse’s training, suppleness, and correct gaits. Show jumping is bounding over an intricate course of stadium jumps without knocking down rails, thus demonstrating accuracy and agility. Cross country jumping is the heart and soul of Eventing because it is exclusive to the sport, which was developed from cavalry training exercises. The cross country phase consists of miles of rolling countryside with obstacles which are solid jumps, ditches, drops down, and banks– reminiscent of the terrain that a military charge or courier would have traversed. Interestingly, today’s riders are often ladies and juniors who are devoted to the teamwork and camaraderie of Eventing.


Each horse and rider pair compete the three phases against other riders of their level for the least amount of penalty points. The pair with the lowest amount of penalties wins national and international points for championships and Olympic pursuits. The scoreboard is like a short novel of each entry’s many ups and downs. A perfect dressage score is 100 – but only penalty points of incorrect movements are recorded, so a low score in the 20’s or 30’s would put a horse in the running for a ribbon. Both jumping phases can rack up time penalties if the competitor exceeds the time window allowed. In addition, there are penalty points for knockdowns, falls, and refusals.

Complete Greenwood results can be found on the following:

Division Rider Horse Score

CCI1 Star Caroline Testi/ Crimson Tide 46.4

CIC2 Star Margaret Stocker/ Second Hand Rose 64.4

Open Intermediate Clara Cargile/ White Indian 44.5

Open Preliminary Lynne Partridge/ Zaire 34.5

Training Adult Amateur Martha Thomas/ Monte's Nightingale 35.9

Training Junior Rider Katherine Cox/ Might Be Regal 35.7

Training Open Mike Huber/ Breezand Bellafire 32.1

Novice Horse Judy Hartman/ Rhythm & Blues 32.8

Novice Junior Rider A Maddalyn Hunt/ Jos Estoico 27.8

Novice Junior Rider B Olivia Brashear/ Acclimation 33.7

Novice Open Mike Huber/ Wintano 27.0

Novice Senior Rider Lindsey Dalrymple/ Much Ado II 30.0

Beg Novice Horse Stephanie Martin/ Rio Paisano's Cuervo 40.9

Beg Novice Junior Rider A Lillian Dobat /Cash Settlement 24.7

Beg Novice Junior Rider B Molly Humes/Madoc Golden Graham 31.1

Beg Novice Open Brigitte Wexler/Madoc Alis 31.6

Beg Novice Senior Rider Cynthia Newman/Twilight Hunter 32.6

BNovice Level One Peyton Mccombs/Shannon's Native 39.7

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