Reining By The Bay and High Roller Reining Classic Welcome Equestrian Connect as their Official Online Entry Partner!


reining by the bay equestrian connectReining by the Bay and Brumley Management Group Welcome Equestrian Connect as its Official Online Entry Provider! Brumley management encourages all exhibitors to submit their entries online, using Equestrian Connect’s easy to use service.


Reining by the Bay is Brumley Management’s second show and they are pleased to announce that it will be working with Equestrian Connect again, the one minute horse show entry service. Brumley is committed to offering its exhibitors the convenience of submitting horse show entries electronically for all Brumley Management horse shows in 2015.

Equestrian Connect is new to the western world and NRHA shows but is a proven web service that allows horse show exhibitors to complete their entry forms online and submit them electronically. The service was start in 2009 and has been providing entry forms for over 800 USEF “A/AA” rated hunter/jumper shows since.

“We are so excited to be able to offer, again, to our customers the opportunity to sign up with Equestrian Connect for all our reining shows. Not only does it save the exhibitors and barns hours of time completing entries, but it also removes errors caused by misreading poor handwriting,” said Mandy Brumley of Brumley Management Group. “Entries are received on time and all of the required information is there, and the NRHA and other registration numbers are correct and legible. And, in our efforts to continue to go as green as possible, this is the first step in the right direction,” she added. There is no faster way to complete entries for all Brumley events than Equestrian Connect. We encourage you to try it; we think you’ll like it!

Why Exhibitors Should Use Equestrian Connect

Exhibitors spend hours filling in horse show entry forms, looking up membership numbers and other necessary information, and then spending money on overnight delivery services to get their entries in on time. Simone Coxe and Barbara Phillips knew there had to be an easier way, and Equestrian Connect was born.

Equestrian Connect allows exhibitors to store their data one time, on the web, and then use that data to automatically fill out hunter/jumper entry forms across the country. The service is FREE in 2015 for all Brumley Management Group shows whether NRHA or other Western Shows. Equestrian Connect will setup your account and enter your data for FREE also.

Barbara Phillips, co-founder, commented: “The hunter jumper shows and exhibitors took an immediate liking to submitting entries electronically. We believe the Western world will too. That last minute entry can be sent truly last minute and no need to worry about running to the post office or FedEx which is a big bonus. With a couple clicks your entries have been sent.”

“Users can operate Equestrian Connect from their smart phone or tablet as well as a computer,” Barbara explains. This is a cloud base service available anywhere anytime. “The prize lists and schedules are available right there, so people don’t need to carry them or a book with all their entry information. We will continue to streamline the process for both the shows and the exhibitors to make this process easier and smoother so everyone can get out of the show office and focus on riding, showing, and having a great time with their horses. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and providing a positive experience for all users is our key objective. Feedback is always welcomed.

About Equestrian Connect -

2015 Equestrian Connect expands to the Western World starting with hosting NRHA shows. Since 2009, Equestrian Connect hosts more than 800 USEF “A/AA” rated hunter/jumper shows across the country, plus 30+ Canadian horse shows. Equestrian Connect’s web-based entry service works with PCs, Macs, and iPhones, can produce printable entries for any horse show, and eliminates the need for trainers and exhibitors having to mail entries to the show office or FedEx them at the last minute. Equestrian Connect’s electronic entry submission can now be used for those showing at all of Brumley Management Groups shows. Once a horse show receives your entries, the horse shows can then notify exhibitors that their entries have been received automatically with an email. No more wondering if the show received your entries.

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