Look For The NASC Quality Seal When Purchasing Equine Supplements


lifeline eliteThe U.S. equine supplement market is brimming with pricey products, many of which tout powerful marketing claims yet fail to provide evidence that supports the safety and efficacy of the ingredients inside the package.


Horse owners visiting the supplement aisle of their local tack store often find themselves surrounded by products they don’t understand—and that store employees just can’t explain. So they choose based on price, packaging or a claim they hope will be true. Or they consult their vet and may be encouraged to steer clear of supplements altogether.

“I know many horse owners who have tried product after product with disappointing results,” said Monte Hamilton, Equine Sales Manager for APC, Inc. (APC) “What they don’t understand is the big difference between nutritional supplements, which supplement a horse’s diet and won’t help much if a horse doesn’t have a nutritional deficiency, and animal health supplements that offer actual health benefits.”

Nutritional products are intended to provide nutritional value as a component of a complete and balanced diet. Vitamins and minerals are examples of nutritional supplements. Countless horse owners use nutritional supplements and do not get the result they expected because their horse’s issue is not related to nutrition.

Animal health supplements are products intended to support maintenance of normal biological structure and function in animals that are not intended for human consumption, such as dogs, cats and horses. These types of products are also called “dosage form” animal health products. Joint support products containing glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate or MSM are examples of animal health supplements.

lifeline“APC makes LIFELINE Equine performance supplements, which are classified as animal health supplements,” said Jennifer Whetzel, APC director of marketing. “Manufacturing, labeling and marketing of LIFELINE Equine performance supplements is guided by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), an organization whose members include manufacturers of animal health supplements that are committed to bringing to market only products that meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.”

NASC is a self-regulating body composed of companion animal supplement member companies that follow Good Manufacturing Practice Quality Standards of quality and product safety. Members are guided and monitored by NASC and actively participate in programs of continual vigilance and improvement to ensure the quality of their ingredients. For a member company to display the NASC Quality Seal they must first undergo a comprehensive audit in which NASC scrutinizes the manufacturing process and thoroughly inspects all manufacturing facilities that touch the products.

“As an NASC member company, APC fully expects NASC to randomly purchase and test LIFELINE Equine performance supplements to ensure we are meeting label claims for active ingredients,” Whetzel said. “When consumers see the NASC Quality Seal on our products and marketing materials, they can be assured they are purchasing from a reputable company that knows that quality, efficacy and safety drive profit.”

LIFELINE Equine performance supplements contain the serum-based active ingredient BioThrive™, which is derived from bovine plasma. APC has more than 30 years of experience in creating plasma-based products for animals and over the years has conducted considerable scientific research on these products, spanning multiple species. These studies consistently demonstrate the safety and efficacy of APC products to help animals thrive and perform.

APC has two products for performance horses, LIFELINE Equine Elite™ and LIFELINE AgeWell™. Equine Elite is for performance horses experiencing the rigors of training, trailering and competing and AgeWell is for active, mature performance horses experiencing the normal effects of aging. The products are both given twice daily and, while they are primarily for active horses, horses do not actively need to be training to benefit. Both products target multiple systems of a horse’s body to help maintain joint mobility and gut health, and to help support normal respiratory function. LIFELINE Equine performance supplements are show safe and work within 14 days.


About APC, Inc.

APC, Inc. Consumer Products Division’s mission is to help animals thrive. We work hard every day to create products that help improve the lives of animals. This was our focus when we were founded in 1981, and it still is today. For more than 30 years we have been spearheading discoveries that have changed animal health and performance worldwide.

LIFELINE Equine performance supplements help horses feel their best, breathe with ease and move effortlessly. Our serum-based active ingredient, BioThrive™ is clinically proven to improve stride length and range of motion by easing occasional soreness from normal exercise. LIFELINE Equine products are not vitamin, mineral or herbal supplements. They are powerful performance products that work multisystemically and deliver results in as few as 14 days. Visit www.WatchThemThrive.com for user testimonials and to learn more.

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