BioThrive™ Combats the Negative Effects of Equine Stress


Whether you’re new to the circuit or a seasoned competitor it’s normal to get a case of the jitters at the start of the season as you contemplate all you hope to achieve.


Chances are you have strategies for overcoming your nerves and staying focused on your goals. For your horse, the demands of the season can be tremendously stressful and it’s up to you to proactively manage your horse’s stress if you truly hope to shine in the arena.

Horses are creatures of habit that thrive on routine. When you start a new training program, haul your horse to a show, or stable your horse in an unfamiliar environment, stress multiplies and can manifest as anxiety, undesirable behavior and physical illness. Even moderate stress can cause your horse’s immune system to attack the body by mistake, triggering an inflammatory response that can leave your horse with gut trouble and feeling sore all over.

Some horses seem to sail through with few challenges. Others go off feed and water and develop gut problems every time they step into a trailer. You can’t control your horse’s response to the normal stresses of showing but you can help support and maintain a healthy immune and inflammatory response with BioThrive™, the serum-based active ingredient in LIFELINE® Equine Elite™ and LIFELINE AgeWell™ performance pellets.

BioThrive™ is derived from natural bovine serum and delivers biologically active ingredients that are proven to help ease the negative effects of stress in animals. Given orally, BioThrive™ helps ease overstimulation of the immune system so your horse’s resources aren’t spent fighting stress.

Chris Cox, one of the country’s most respected clinicians and host of RFD-TV’s Chris Cox Horsemanship is among the top names in the horse world that have experienced positive results with BioThrive™.

“I have a horse that seems to stop eating and drinking when we travel,” Cox said. “After starting him on Equine Elite I was pleasantly surprised to see him stay on feed and water throughout our next trip. He handled the stress so much better.”

BioThrive™ is backed by more than 30 years of scientific research and more than 300 published, peer-reviewed studies have been conducted to test the mode of action. Consistent results show that anytime animals are under stress, BioThrive™ eases the negative effects of that stress.

Cox freely admits he was somewhat skeptical when he first tried Equine Elite but now says he refuses to train or compete without it and has his horses on it year round.

“Equine Elite is doing wonders for my horses,” Cox said. “I think BioThrive™ is a real game changer for the horse industry and a life changer for horses.”

LIFELINE Equine Elite and LIFELINE AgeWell carry the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal, which signifies quality assurance for consumers. Equine Elite and AgeWell can be safely administered alongside medications and supplements, and can be given to your horse throughout training and competition. For more information and to read user testimonials visit

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