Thoroughbred Makeover Open For Entries with $100,000 Incentive


Retired Racehorse ProjectRetired Racehorse Project (RRP) officially launched the 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover today, announcing a projected $100,000 in cash and prizes to the top placed horses in ten equestrian disciplines.


Contestant guidelines and entry forms were posted this morning at

Professional, amateur, and junior trainers can enter any horse with a Jockey Club tattoo, as long as it raced or trained to race in the last two years and has not begun second career training. It is expected that during the coming weeks upwards of one hundred horses will be purchased for the competition and commence training at farms throughout the United Sates and Canada. Entries close on June 1.

After five to nine months of training for a second career the horses will perform at the Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium on October 23-25 at the Kentucky Horse Park. The weekend includes seminars, demonstrations, a sponsor fair, a marketplace of the Makeover horses, and special activities presented by a host committee of Thoroughbred industry leaders.

One eager trainer is Rosie Napravnik, who announced her retirement as a jockey at Breeders’ Cup last fall and is expecting her first child in June. “I wouldn’t miss this event for the world,” said Rosie who is serving on the organizing committee. “Throughout my career I’ve seen and ridden some really nice horses that I’d love to get my hands on, and I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to transition one into a second career myself!”

RRP President and three-day-eventer Steuart Pittman suspects that Rosie is not alone in her excitement. “My friends who ride and train Thoroughbreds outside of racing have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this Makeover for months,” he says. “We expect a frenzy of horse shopping in the coming weeks and a flood of entries from some of the biggest and some of the smallest players on the equestrian scene.”

RRP is encouraging trainers to use its online Resource Directory, its Horse Listings, and its Direct From Racing sources, including CANTER USA affiliates, to find eligible horses for the competition. Each trainer will be given a web page to report progress, and the one who attracts the largest following will win the Thoroughbred Ambassador Award.

The first meeting to plan the weekend’s activities attracted representatives of central Kentucky’s top breeding farms, veterinary clinics, academics, aftercare organizations, and Thoroughbred sale companies. “It’s no surprise that the racing industry is embracing this event,” said organizing committee member and president of Thoroughbred Charities of America Dan Rosenberg. “It is a brilliant way to restore demand for Thoroughbreds, and restoring demand is the most effective strategy for securing the futures of our horses.”

Pittman adds, “We are thrilled to be showcasing the talent and trainability of these animals in the state where so many are bred. Doing it on the weekend before Keeneland hosts Breeders’ Cup spreads the message worldwide. It is the right event at the right time in the right place.”

Makeover Contestant Information


The Thoroughbred Makeover is a national gathering of the farms, organizations, and individuals who transition Thoroughbred racehorses into second careers. Off-track Thoroughbreds with nine months of training or less will compete in up to ten disciplines for a projected $100,000 in cash and prizes. The weekend also includes seminars, demonstrations, a sponsor fair, a marketplace of horses, and a great party.


The classes will take place in the Covered Arena, surrounding outdoor arenas, and on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Stabling will be in the barns closest to the Covered Arena.


Over the past forty years major horse breeds established vibrant organizations, glossy publications, and huge events to market themselves. The Thoroughbreds that once dominated equestrian sport are today viewed as a part of America’s unwanted horse problem, with riders calling their ex-racehorses “rescues.” This event is an effort to restore the market for these horses, educate a new generation of riders, and promote the work of the trainers who give these horses the skills that secure their futures. On the weekend before Breeders Cup we will thank racing for the magnificent horses it creates rather than blame it for creating a problem.


Owners, farms, organizations, and trainers can enter one or multiple horses. Trainers can be professional, amateur, or junior, and multiple trainers may work with a single entry. All entries will be accepted once horse eligibility is confirmed. We expect upwards of 100 horses.


The chance to win prize money, reaching a large market to sell your well-schooled horse, marketing your business, and putting pressure on yourself to do your very best training with a horse you care about are all good reasons to enter. Seeking adventure with people who share your passion is another. This will be fun.

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