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http://alphaequine.comBreeding a champion horse is part art and part science. At Alpha Equine in Granbury, Texas decades of experience in the art of breeding are paired with cutting edge technology in a state of the art facility to create the perfect program for producing the next generation of champion equines.


Owned by Dr. MC Baker, a 40-year member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Alpha Equine is family operated. His wife, Kay helps out with administrative duties in the office, while son Clint is the farm’s breeding manager. Though Dr. Baker still works at nearby Reata Equine Hospital, he takes a very hands-on approach to running Alpha Equine. “Dr. Baker is present for the foaling out of every mare. He works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,” explains Melanie Ritter who works the front office. “He’s really an amazing person,” Ritter adds.  In fact, the front porch of Dr. Baker’s home looks directly at the foaling barn giving him immediate access to the mares and foals in his care.

That care extends through all facets of the breeding process. The 300-acre ranch currently stands nine stallions that are exemplary individuals sought the world over. Champion cutting horse stallion, Cats Merada (High Brow Cat X Merada Lena) owned by Furst Ranch, calls Alpha Equine home. The extremely versatile palomino Matt Dillon Dun It (Hollywood Dun It X Rosalie Dillon) owned by Victor Cattle Company also stands at Alpha Equine. Their health and well-being is managed with individual exercise and diet programs along with a dedicated staff of grooms that tend to the stallions ensuring their safety and potency. Mare owners the world over have access to these stallions via shipped semen too. “Shipping semen has become a big part of what we do. We’ve shipped all over, including Brazil,” says Ritter noting that with on-site laboratories, there is impeccable quality control. Should a mare owner choose another stallion from anywhere across the globe, they have a receiving center for shipped semen. For competitive mares, they also perform embryo transfers and maintain a herd of recipient mares. Once a mare is in foal, her care can be thoroughly attended to by their conscientious staff in the luxury of their spacious barns and irrigated pastures.

Once the foal is due to arrive, there is another level of unparalleled care afforded to the new arrival. “We foal out about 150 mares per year. We use a foal alert system that informs our on premises technician and Dr. Baker that a mare is about to foal. They make sure they are there to care for her,” Ritter points out. Each precious foal gets an extra boost at Alpha Equine. “Dr. Baker manages a herd of draft mares that produce hyper-immune plasma. Every foal gets a liter of the plasma in their first 24 hours of life and they are also microchipped,” she goes on to say. The plasma is rich is antibodies that boost the immune systems of new foals that are still too young to receive immunizations.  Foals can bond with their dams in the comfort of oversized 12’ x 20’ deeply bed stalls before enjoying romps in the manicured pastures.

Alpha Equine is truly a complete breeding center offering supreme care. From the decades of in-depth experience brought the practice by Dr. Baker himself, to the latest technology and advancements in caring for the foal, or the highly individualized management of each stallion that stands on the ranch, Alpha Equine offers every level of assurance to discerning owners investing in their next generation of champion performance horses. More information can be found by visiting

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