Local Mounted Archery Competitors Win in Asia


archery"It is Official we will be going to Korea to represent the United States in the World Martial Arts Masterships on the CIMAC Team to compete in horseback archery there and we will also be competing in Mongolia in the Asian Championships,"

Trey Schlichting exclaimed! Trey, a H4 & Level II certified archery instructor, was one of a four member, all Texas, team representing the USA in this rapidly growing equestrian sport. Mike Sabo is an internationally ranked H1, Glenn Weston is a Level II instructor, Shelly Ryan is also a Level II instructor, and together they comprised this winning team.

The competition comprised of 5 events; the Serial Shot (3-5 targets), Double Shot (2 targets), Single Shot (target is 10 meters from the shooter), the Masahee (the arrow must knock down the target), and the Qabak. All of these events are challenging to train for, but Qabak training is a little different. It consists of shooting at melons at the end of a tall pole. You must run directly underneath the pole as you shoot straight up at your target. This event originates from medieval war times. Mounted archers were sent to the fortress wall, people within the fortress would look down over the wall's edge, and well... you get the picture.

74 riders competed in these well run and organized Masterships, and Team USA definitely held their own. Silver medals were won in Serial Shot, Double Shot, Masahee, and a gold medal was won in Qabak. These winning archers are more than just a group of competitors randomly put together; they are friends working towards the common goal of promoting mounted archery worldwide. They all live in the New Braunfels area, have their daily jobs, and train to excel in their sport at the A Company Mounted Archery Training center.

For more information about mounted archery, please contact: A Company Mounted Archery Training located in New Braunfels at 210-860-5353 or find them on the web at www.horsearcher.com.

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