Stop the Cycle of Addiction: Give to Horses Healing Hearts This Holiday Season

horses healing heartsDear Horses Healing Hearts Friends and Supporters: At a recent Horses Healing Hearts session, we were discussing addiction. Miss Rhonda, our director of children's programs, asked the kids "What is addiction? Can anyone explain it to me?"  

A 9-year-old boy raised his hand and said, "addiction is like a kidnapper. He comes in and takes my mom and dad, and he is not happy until he has his ransom. I think his ransom is my dad's job and his happiness and his family."  We sat there with our mouths gaping open in disbelief at the profound wisdom of this young boy. Addiction is like a kidnapper...  

Our weekly sessions provide an opportunity for these children to share their feelings and spend two hours around other kids who do not judge and are going through the same things they are. Without Horses Healing Hearts, these kids have no one to turn to, no place to go, nothing to help them recover from the effects of their parent's or caregiver's addiction.
They can't trust; they don't believe; they won't ask for help. It is not their fault even though they are told over and over that it is. Without us, they are destined to be on the same path. 
We offer them a new freedom - the chance to be a kid, a means to cope in healthy ways. We are a prevention and education program, and we need your help. It costs $2,800 per year to pay for a child in our program. Research by the RAND Corporation shows that for every $1 spent on addiction prevention programs, the community saves between $12-$18 that would be spent on handling treatment and the effects of addiction - that means that Horses Healing Hearts helps save Palm Beach County more than $2 million annually!
altOne in four children under the age of 18 years old lives with a parent or caretaker who suffers from addiction or alcoholismWe have a wait list of 15 children because we do not have the funds to support their participation in our efforts
By donating to Horses Healing Hearts, you provide hope and faith where none previously existed. In this time of giving, please include a child in our program on your gift list.
Giving to Horses Healing Hearts is easy. There are three simple options:
- Write a check payable to Horses Healing Hearts and send to: 10359 Oak Meadow Lane, Wellington, FL 33449
- Make a one-time or monthly automatic deduction contribution at
- Call (561) 713-6133
As we enter the winter months, we see the need for our services increases ten-fold. Please help us meet the needs of our children in our community who suffer from trauma and abuse as a result of being brought up in a home where addiction or alcoholism exists. 
With warm thanks and best wishes to you and yours this holiday season,
Liz Olszewski
Founder & President

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