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Conditioning and Rehabilitating Equine Athletes. Fossil Creek Equine Center is the newest state of the art equine conditioning and rehabilitation facility in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Recently opened in February of this year, this facility encompasses 19 indoor stalls, which feature a closable window in each, sliding doors and an open divider between horses so they can feel right at home. But the action happens at the far end of the one-breezeway barn in the treatment room. This room houses the AquaPacer, the Theraplate, the GameReady, and a hot/cold water wash rack. Outside of the barn even more can be found such as a Priefert Panel Walker, three small sandy pens for controlled turnout and seven large grassy turnouts.

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The main attraction of Fossil Creek Equine Center is the AquaPacer, which is an aboveground water treadmill. The AquaPacer starts out void of water to walk the horse on to the treadmill then once settled the depth of the water and speed can be custom set to each animal’s needs.

The benefits of this water therapy are plentiful. When completely full the buoyancy of the water reduces the weight bearing of the limbs and ground reaction forces or concussive stresses on the joints and tendons. The hydrostatic pressure of the water reduces inflammation and swelling. The viscosity of the water creates a greater resistance, which increases strength and endurance.

Working horses in the AquaPacer not only increases the overall fitness and muscle development, but also promotes correct posture and a balanced gait, things that are very important for the equine athlete. It is a great tool for horses recovering from an injury or surgery, in that it allows exercise without any further trauma induced by weight bearing or concussive forces. Using the AquaPacer in conjunction with the Panel walker if the horse is able allows for a well-rounded workout program suitable for any horse.

The six horse Priefert Panel Walker is a non-tie walker, in which the horse is able to move more freely in between swinging dividers. There is automated programs that are set up so that your horse can get the most effective workout.

equine athlete careThe Theraplate is another great therapy that Fossil Creek Equine Center offers. The platform is a vibration plate that uses a vortex wave circulation stimulation technology. The platform increases blood flow, bone density, muscle mass and reduces stress and inflammation. It is a great way to warm up before exercise and warm down after, as well as, an implement to prevent injury.

The GameReady is a cold compression unit that uses both active compression and dry cold therapy. The machine pumps ice cold water set to your desired temperature and pressure through a wrap placed on the horse. It is used for many reasons such as post workout therapy, to help prevent injury, to reduce swelling after an injury, or to decrease pain and muscle spasms.

Each of the different therapies has its advantages, but when used together, the horse can receive the most effective treatment to ensure a safe healthy recovery and a fit horse. Fossil Creek Equine Center will customize a work out for each horse brought in or will work with the client’s veterinarian recommendations for post surgery care or injury recovery.

Consultations and tours are welcome. To find out more call, visit them at FossilCreekEquine.com or find them on social media.

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